Lilyanah Alatawneh

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    Your home, my hunt.

    Lilyanah was born in Jordan, and raised in Germany until the age of 15 when her family returned to Jordan.In 2001 she moved to Upstate Ny. In 2015 Lilyanah and her two beautiful girls moved to TN. Her appreciation for the mountains and the beautiful sunset enticed her to make this her permanent home.She loves this area with so many things to do and memories to build. Lilyanah understands that relocating is overwhelming as she herself moved several times.
    Her exceptional knowledge of the different cultures and the gift that she was given to speak German, Arabic and English is being utilized in her journey of real estate as well in her daily life. Lilyanah sees everyone as beautiful no matter where they are from and that everyone has their own opinion. This taught Lilyanah that each one of us looks through the lens of life experiences.
    Lilyanah a care giver of 14 years wanted to change careers ,but still have the opportunity to put a smile on someones face as well as their heart.Through personal experiences in real estate,she developed a passion for it.
    Lilyanah understands that selling and buying is one of the biggest decisions in ones life and for them to choose her through that process is an honor.Lilyanah, due to her commitment to presenting only the best service to her clients, continues to further her real estate education ,as well as taking classes to stay ahead of the game.

    Lilyanah appreciates challenges as they are chances to make a difference. Most of all to make a positive impact in everyone she encounters.
    Lilyanah is all about quality and not quantity.She is very determined if you have something in mind she will work hard and effortlessly to make that happen.She is easy to talk to and wonderful in being there and answering questions promptly, as she believes it is all about the momentum.
    When not assisting clients Lilyanah enjoys spending time volunteering at church and at the women jail in Knoxville Tn.
    As well running through the beautiful trails of Tennessee and spending time with her wonderful children.
    A big one for her is hunting and fishing when able too.

    “It is a privilege that I am given an opportunity to find a home,that you love.”

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    Lilyanah Alatawneh
    Office: 865-383-3948
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    Knoxville, TN 37932
    Phone: 865-383-3948

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